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How to Stitch Quilt Borders

How to Stitch Quilt Borders

We started the borders by adding blocks to complete the range of your borders on the sides of your material. We calculated the dimensions of slashing, as well as the size of  your blocks. If you haven’t done so, use the example as followed to measure your blocks. 

Example: Three blocks appraising the 10-inch square, in addition to the four, terrazzo at one inch width, which adds to 34 inches? 
How to create borders: 
Once you finish your dimensions, insert ¼-

inch seam and leave space to each side of 

your textile. The side borders should measure 

up to 10 x 34, i.e. width and length. The 

finishing measurement is factored into the ¼-

inch seams you inserted. You will need to take 

up the spaces or seams left (later) to 

complete your borders. Once you insert ¼ 

inch you will have created 10 ½ x 34 1/2, 

which is the inches you will use to cut to fit the 

borders along the side. Use the same 

dimensions to cut at least two borders. The 

borders will cover each side of your fabric. 

Now measure the lower and upper borders. 

Add your blocks together to achieve your 

size. Follow the same method as outlined in 

the example above. Once you achieve your 

dimensions finish the width on one side of 

your borders. You should have counted 10 x 

43, width and length unless you are quilting a 

larger or smaller quilt. 

Next, insert another ¼ inch to your seams and 

leave space to each side. Refer to your 

measurements 10 x 43. 

You will need to cut from the borders to 

achieve 10 ½ x 43 ½ inch to fit the edges at 

the top and bottom of your fabric. 

You are 

creating a framed quilt so to speak. You may 

need to trim your borders to fit. 

How to trim borders: 
Starting at the crown of your quilt and 

working down to the middle, measure your 

quilt. You wan the length dimensions. If your 

dimensions are 30 ½ inches, thus round it off 

to the nearest tenth, i.e. 30 to complete your 

calculations: You will need to insert ¼ inch 

into the seams and make room for your sides. 

Next, use measuring tape, or a ruler to 

measure your quilt. Measure from the 

alongside and factor in the dimensions of your 

borders. Now insert the ¼-inch seams to the 


Once you finish your borders, you will need to 

start stitching after your prep the strips of 

your borders. Start by folding your strips. You 

will need to fold them in half and search for 

the middle, then press until your borders 

crease. You can pin to mark. Now find the 

middle of your sides by performing the same 

action as you did above. Mark again, and then 

start stitching your quilt. The center should 

be aligned. The right sides should come 

together, as well the crown should center. 

You will need craft pins to hold your ends in 


Along the length, start stitching your borders. 

You will need to work the fabric as you stitch 

to keep it in tact. If you are sewing on a 

machine, you can place the excess over your 

machine parts, which accept the input of your 

fabric (Feeder dog) to align. Hold back the 

shorter top layer and begin stitching slowly. 

The feeder will work the layers through. 

You can pull the layers at the top through to 

slow the excess while allowing your feeder to 

pull the layer at the lower end through. Now 

connect your borders, by stitching it to your 

quilt. Insert the side of your fabric and allow 

your feeder to pull back the layers at the top. 

Press out your borders and leave a seam to 

work through the fabric border. 

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